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What We Do

South Florida School of Real Estate, Inc. is a service company that specializes in educational instruction for real estate, holding classes for required hours and licenses approved by the DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation), of the State of Florida, to pass the state exam in order to practice as a real estate agent and/or real estate broker.

The hours of operations are flexible, and people may call or go online 24/7 hours a day during the week to reserve and pay for their class or ask for information.

SFSRE is owned and operated by the founder and CEO of the company, Ivania Alvarado is license real estate instructor #ZH1003529. The company fax number is 786-577-0273. Also, included in the organization chart is an instructor named Pedro Fraginals, real estate instructor license #ZH1002247, and the company license is #ZH1002481. One of the office locations is at 10651 North Kendall Drive, Suite 200, Miami, Florida 33176.

Products and Services

SFSRE courses include testing materials, textbooks, power points, videos, and taught through personal contact by an experienced license instructor, in-class room, live-streaming, online, by mail, or at the place of business of other companies wishing our services such as real estate companies for their sales associates continue education. After studying the materials, each applicant will take a test and pass with 70% for pre-licenses, 75% for post-licenses and 80% for continue educations. After passed their test, they will get a certificate for the requirements studied for, such as: pre-license, continue education, and post-license for either a sales associate or a broker and continue education.

The Market

The market share we expect to capture is a small area of South Florida in classroom, and a larger share online services, and live-streaming classes especially during the corona virus pandemic and the post-pandemic. The courses offered are geared for persons over the age of 18 years of age that have a high school accreditation or equivalent. The courses appeal to people who wish to gain knowledge, experience, and advancement in their career in the real estate industry.

Management Team

The quality of the team is the key to our success.  Ivania, has 25 years’ experience in the real estate industry and successfully has owned and managed her own companies.  One of the instructors, Pedro has 24 years’ experience in the real estate industry.

Ivania Alvarado

25+ Years in Real Estate Operations, Finance, Marketing Instructor

Maria Alvarado

21+ Years in Real Estate Research & Development

Pedro Fraginals

Head Instructor
25+ Years in Real Estate Sales Associate

Business Description

South Florida School of Real Estate is a school designed to teach, train and helps existing agents, as well as new agents in the industry to success. Also, for people who want to start in a new field or learn about it. The school allows brokers and owners to help guide their agents with training classes that will help them in the industry when it comes to finding clients, promoting themselves and knowing the newest rules and regulations.

Industry Overview

The real estate industry is a big business with many opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and for any person who wants to start in the industry. Real Estate is a profitable business if a person takes it seriously, and that is why training is very important to be a successful real estate agent, broker, or investor. The industry keeps growing, the prices of properties since 2013 continue increasing until 2021 and interests for mortgages now in 2020 and 2021 are lower than ever, it is an excellent opportunity to buy, sell or invest. Most agents take at least 2 years before they start becoming profitable and others before a year all depend in the training and dedication the agent put into his/her business

Our Mission

South Florida School of Real Estate has a unique scope of quality, ethical operations in tutoring, training and course preparations for licenses for real estate, mortgage, and insurance community at affordable prices. The company embraces diversity in the global online arena while educating associates, using the latest technology to provide a competitive edge for financial growth for investors, employees and the company while having fun.

Products and Services

South Florida School of Real Estate offers a variety of services for people who are interested in the real estate world. To become part of a real estate company, our school offers all courses approved by the state to be an official real estate agent in Florida, a broker of your own company, and continuing education for agents who needs to renew their licenses. South Florida School of Real Estate also offers multiple services for real estate agents who are having difficulty with their own work.

Our services are for people who are interested to become a real estate agent or a broker of a company. Everyone who wants to be part of real estate industry is going to purchase our services, which work for either residential, business opportunity, or commercial. Our services are used as courses to earn the official licenses of real estate giving agents legal rights to sell or rent houses, apartments, businesses, and warehouses. The company follows a compatible price to be one of the best prices in the area.

Positioning Strategy

  • South Florida School of Real Estate strategy is to offer a course study and services that no other competitor offers. We have classes for brokers to learn how to establish their own agency and we also provide services at their place of business to help them be successful. Our services will set us apart from our competitors.
  • Another strategy the company uses is to target new agents and brokers, to get ready to take the state exam for pre-licenses, as well as post-licenses who use our services. The future potential students may one day become brokers that will want to open their own real state agency.

Product/Service Strategy

  • SFSRE offers services for real estate agents and for brokers which meet their needs economically with affordable pricing. We also teach skills and techniques of real estate for brokers who are new to the business. These skills and techniques we offer are crucial for their success.
  • We also offer services for agents and brokers who need administrative work done in their offices. Most of the time they do not have the time or the experience to everything done, so we offer our services to do it for them.
  • The services our school provides are unique. Most real state schools only offer classes for you to get a new license, but they do not show you how the work is done in the real world, but we do and with this technique, we will teach you, and guarantee your success in the real estate market business.
  • Currently, there is a high demand for real estate. Many people are seeking to get their real estate agent license and/or the broker license, but no school other than ours is there to teach you how to do the job or to run the business for yourself as a broker. We have helped countless brokers be successful and we are sure we can do it for you too. South Florida School of Real Estate is your best choice to start your real estate career.